Memorial Creations


Placing some of a loved one’s ashes in glass creates a unique and enduring memorial. The special technique used in putting the ashes in to the glass means that no two pieces are the same, so ashes in glass can be your own unique way of saying goodbye.

All the processes of creating your ashes in to a unique bespoke design are done in our studio at Grangemouth in the heart of Scotland by glass artist Greig Black.

Our designs are created using hard and soft coloured glass along with different lampworking torches and techniques to produce stunning effects.

All ashes are different in particle size and colour. Do not worry about this, we have a process to deal with it and can work with all ashes.

The production of your memorial glass piece starts with the preparation of the ashes and cleaning of the coloured and clear glass.  The coloured glass is then melted in to a base shape ready to receive the mixture of clear glass along with your loved one’s ashes.  This process is all done in a flame over 2,000°C once the finish shape is formed it is put into a kiln to anneal the glass and to cool it at a controlled speed over 12 hours.

All our designs are finished with 925 Sterling Silver findings or 9ct Gold hallmarks assuring you of the quality of the metal used.